1. Who are you people?

    Mosske is a talented artist who also writes and illustrates Oneirology.
    Cutething is an insane person who writes mostly absurd, useless drivel.

    1. Did you know Mosske before, Cutething?
      no, i started making a comic, and she just showed up and pushed me down, and told me that SHE would make the art now. because she is the motherfucking ARTIST and i’d best respect.
  2. What have you done?

    We’ve made a webcomic together about a bunch of sky rogues who go on wacky adventures. We’ll post a cast and crew page soon, once the introductions are out of the way.

  3. How has this happened?

    the short version:
    mosske: I’m thinking of starting a side comic, to remedy my laziness towards Oneirology
    cutething: We
    cutething: Should
    cutething: Make
    cutething: A
    cutething: Comic
    cutething: Together
    cutething: Maybe
    cutething: If you want
    mosske: That would be glorious. Would it be like, you write, I draw shit?
    cutething: i mean we could do it the other way round, but it would be grim. my art is average to disturbing.

    the long version (NSFW):
    mosske: What kind of story were you thinking?!
    cutething: Something completely absurd
    mosske: Magic?
    cutething: Yes
    mosske: Adventure?
    cutething: Maybe
    mosske: Ridiculous amounts of shipping
    cutething: If we ever get fans, yes of course

    mosske: Hmmm whaaaat do you like to write?
    cutething: Believe it or not, comedy / dialogue are my strong suit
    mosske: So you don’t have any preferred setting, like some people love writing medieval fantasy, some people love sci fi, some people love writing sparkling vampires, etc
    cutething: I think it should be a completely absurd fantasy world, with bits of everything
    mosske: Adventure Time?
    cutething: Yeeees but perhaps more like steampunk, less candy kingdom
    cutething: Yeeeeessss!
    mosske: Ooooooooh airships and Victorian corsets and pistols and fluffy lace!
    cutething: and gardens and crazy magic and inventive torture
    mosske:  I can work with that
    cutething: This is going to be oglaf cum adventure time cum neverwhere
    mosske: Idk if I can draw that much semen comfortably
    cutething: Latin cum not semen cum

Let's do this.

About Chucket:

Chucket is a webcomic about a bunch of sky rogues who go on wacky adventures. Read more about how this happened.