Dec 11 2015

the truth will out

On a Mission from Mom

A brief word from the creator(s):

moss (the artist) said:

so does anyone else hear those ships sinking or is that just me?

sorry for no color this week, but I’m afraid it’s going to be pretty common for the next few updates. I’m sick, it’s the busy season at work, chapter one of Oneirology is coming to a close, Christmas is happening and I’m moving

so there’s a lot on the plate

cutething (the author) said:

never fear, y’all. there’s a whole sea of ships out there. and there are a lot of fish that live in the sea.

if you’re into that. i don’t know where i’m going with this.

Let's do this.

About Chucket:

Chucket is a webcomic about a bunch of sky rogues who go on wacky adventures. Read more about how this happened.

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